K&S Engineering has extensive experience in the following areas of street improvements plan design:



· Map and document searches to determine existing and future right of way and easements.

· Record Plan searches to determine the location of existing above and below ground utilities.

· Field Survey of existing monuments, benchmarks, wet utilities, drainage structures, and other infrastructures that affect the design.

· Preparation of topographic base maps that include the above-listed research and survey data to be utilized for street improvement design.

· Utilize local agencies and Caltrans standards for the design of street improvements.

· Preparation of street improvement plans, specifications, and cost estimates.

· Preparation of all necessary street vacations, dedications, records of survey, maps, and exhibits for land acquisition.

· Process all required construction plans through local agencies for approval and necessary permits.

· Field supervision, construction administration, and the preparation of field reports.

· Construction staking of all necessary locations off of street improvement plans.

· Preparation and processing of Record Plans.



Much of the street improvement work that K&S Engineering has completed has been associated with industrial, commercial, and residential developments which require much more engineering detail per linear mile than street improvements on existing city streets. Therefore, the over 14 miles of street improvements that K&S have designed at a total engineering consulting cost of over $832,000 has been done over many different projects. This experience qualifies K&S Engineering to assist public and municipal utilities in designing multiple mile street improvement projects.


The following is a breakdown by total miles of street improvement work that K&S Engineering has completed in three different areas of street improvements. To see a description of the projects that were used to compile the table below, please go to the Project Descriptions section of this Statement of Qualifications.





Street Improvements Plans ±7 miles


Striping Plans ±4 miles


Traffic Control Plans ±3 miles


The total consulting fees that K&S has charged in the area of street improvement is over $832,000, and 38% of that work was completed within projects having a total consulting fee of less than $25,000, and the other 62% of that work was completed within projects having a total consulting fee of more than $25,000.

Street Improvements