K&S Engineering has extensive experience in the following areas involved in the preparation of grading and drainage plans:


· Map and document searches to determine existing and future right of way and easements.

· Record Plan searches to determine the location of existing above and below ground utilities.

· Field Survey of existing monuments, benchmarks, wet utilities, drainage structures, and other infrastructures that affect the design.

· Preparation of topographic base map that includes the above-listed research and survey data to be utilized for the preparation of grading and drainage plans.

· Preparation of grading and drainage plans, specifications and cost estimates.

· Preparation of all necessary street vacations, dedications, records of survey, final maps, parcel maps, and exhibits for land acquisition.

· Process all required construction plans through local agencies for approval and necessary permits.

· Field supervision, construction administration and the preparation of field reports.

· Construction staking of grading and drainage plans.

· Prepare and process Record plans.


Below is a table listing the total number of acres where K&S Engineering has provided the grading and drainage plan design. To see a description of the projects that were used to compile the table below, please go to the Project Descriptions section of this Statement of Qualifications.




Mass Grading & Drainage Plans ±200 Acres


Precise Grading & Drainage Plans ±500 Acres


Stock-pile & Drainage Plans ±20 Acres


Plot Plans ±20 Acres


Hydrology Study ±800 Acres


Detention Basin Calculations ±50 Acres


The total consulting fees that K&S has charged in the area of grading and drainage plan design is $2,320,000, and 27% of that work was completed within projects having a total consulting fee of less than $25,000, and the other 73% of that work was completed within projects having a total consulting fee of more than $25,000.

Grading & Drainage Plans