K&S Engineering, Inc. is a fully computerized Civil Engineering firm offering services in Land Use Planning, Civil Engineering Design, Computer Mapping and Surveying.

In over the 30 years our company has been in business, we have grown into a confident team of employees. By combining our skills in a variety of areas, we have successfully completed many projects. K & S Engineering, Inc. is proud to have been a team player on some wonderful projects in the Counties of San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles and Imperial. Our project experience includes, but is not limited to; public works, residential, commercial, industrial, schools, hotels, and churches.


K&S Engineering has developed a significant amount of design expertise in the following areas:

· Street Improvements

· Potable Water, Reclaimed Water, and Sewer Pipelines

· Storm Drain Improvements

· Technical Reports

· Grading and Drainage Plans

· Mapping and Surveying

· Construction Staking


K&S Engineering believes that the success of a project ultimately depends upon the effective communication and coordination between the project development team members, the client, and the agencies involved. In addition, we feel that our commitment to provide personalized attention to our client's needs is still our most valuable asset.


K&S Engineering utilizes the latest AutoCAD and associated civil design and surveying packages to fully integrate the planning, survey and construction documents. The capabilities of the individuals at K&S Engineering, with their many years of experience, ensure a quality product that is provided on budget and in a timely manner.


K & S Engineering utilizes the latest Microsoft server platform for its strict data security and integrity. Daily back up of all data ensures against data loss. Also, K & S Engineering utilizes the following software: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk Infraworks and associated civil and survey design software, Civil Design Hydrology and Hydraulics, and Corps. Of Engineers HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS. K&S Engineering employs the latest in surveying equipment – reflectorless total stations and GPS systems from Leica Geosystems.


K&S Engineering utilizes UAS (unmanned aerial systems/Drone) to acquire aerial photography for generation of topographic maps, orthomosaic photos, visualization studies, and documenting site conditions.


K&S Engineering also has established relationships with consultants from other related disciplines and can provide outsourced aerial topography, soil, landscape, environmental and structural engineering design as needed. 


K&S Engineering develops cost-effective plans to protect surface water resources through innovative flood control solutions. K&S Engineering and regulatory experts conduct comprehensive evaluations of watersheds including National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance (Municipal, Industrial, and Construction), identification of pollution sources, and incorporation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). K&S specialists develop supportable watershed priorities, evaluate alternatives, and determine financial requirements.


Additional services include:

· Flood Damage Assessment

· Drainage Master Plans

· Runoff Management Plans

· Storm Drain Facility Design

· Floodplain Management Programs

· Sediment Transport and Fluvial Systems

· Floodplain Mapping and Risk Assessment

· Streambank Protection and Erosion Control Programs

· Construction and Industrial General NPDES Permit Compliance Assistance

· NPDES Permit Compliance Assistance

· Hydrologic / Hydraulic Analysis and Design

· Flood Control Engineering and Storm Water Management Programs

· Storm Water Quality Analysis, Storm Water Management Analysis.

· BMP Design, Implementation